Bernd Misske was born in Dessau, Germany next door to famous „Bauhaus“. He studied art at University of Applied Sciences in Wiesbaden and like Andy Warhol began his professional career in advertisement.
He worked in Brazil, Mexico, New York and Hong Kong. Misskes professional work has been awarded 8 times in Cannes and he was nominated member of the jury several times. He has won the Grand Prix of NY and his work was published and shown worldwide.

An early meeting with Josef Beuys at the Documenta influenced Misskes art and sensibility for the beauty of decadence.

During a Fotoshooting at the Rio Negro Misske discovered his fascination for Brazil and its native tribes. Soon he founded a family in Sao Paulo and built his first atelier in the mountains of Minas Gerais.

Under his Brazilian name “Bernard” he started to blend in his artistic work indigene with classical beauty and puts it into a decadent, haptic reality.

He paints on old, ripped and patched truck tarpaulins to which endless miles of red Amazonian dust has lent the patina of old Renaissance pictures.